I found out about this radio station from my friend who lives in Minneapolis…you can stream it live on your computer OR download the app (MPR) onto your phone and listen to it that way.  I love it!


Here’s some new stuff I found:


I know I haven’t written in a long time but let’s just see what happens.




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Just a thought for the day. Or a few thoughts.

I haven’t been able to watch TV today because of all of the 9/11 Ten Year Anniversary coverage.  I watched at first but it’s starting to make me feel sick.  In a weird way it’s much more upsetting to me today then it was when it really happened ten years ago.  Ten years ago I was a little more naive, but also a little more hopeful…which is why this blog post by Megan Amram below really struck me today.  What hit me most about her piece is when she talks about how we are living in a culture of Anti-Enjoyment where passion is weakness.  I completely know what she is talking about and it’s the first time I have ever seen that feeling or idea put into words.  She is right, there is so much that is great about life, especially the little things in my opinion, but who dares to be thought of as naive enough to get excited about something and have a passion- and BE happy and SHARE it when so many people are apathetic and just waiting to shoot down your joy and excitement as being lame or unrealistic.  I find my general excitement and passions getting squashed a little more each year  against what she describes as this “chic backlash against passion.”  Sometimes I don’t even notice this is happening to me, and when I do it makes me so sad, and then I vow to never let it happen again. I never really realized this was how our culture was until I have been reading about this recently in articles to describe my generation.  I just think this is an important thing to note.  I don’t mean to get soap boxy but this really is a reality, and not a very productive one in terms of happiness…I mean, isn’t that what it’s all about?  See, here I am already, apologizing for feeling strongly about something.

Please enjoy this post below.




One year ago today, I got in the driver’s seat of a car that my mother paid for and gave me and drove from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles, California to (at most) flourish and (at least) not die. Ten years ago today, some normal-sized people hijacked some normal-sized planes and flew them into the Twin Towers in New York City, two of the tallest buildings in the United States of America, and killed nearly three thousand people. They killed thousands of people, and they psychologically killed thousands of others and ushered in an age of broken America and they made the date 9/11 into something more than it ever should be. It should be some lame day in mid-September where a lame kid complains about going back to some lame school. Instead, it’s an anniversary.

How many is 3,000? I guess I know the answer to that. It’s a little more than 2,994 and much less than 2,498,670,210,952. But realistically, my brain can’t comprehend more than about 322. That’s how many kids could fit in my high school auditorium, where my twin brother and I once did an interpretative dance as Hitler for a class final (we got an A; suck it, Hitler). I can’t estimate. If I had to guess, I would say there are exactly 100 sites on the Internet. So the tragedy that is 9/11 (or the Holocaust, or Darfur, or…) is too big for my small brain. And there’s a special subset of suburban guilt reserved for the inability to comprehend a horror.

Part of the reason that I can’t make myself feel the grotesque grandeur of 9/11 is that I’ve never been in a tragedy. I’ve experienced bad, but I’ve never experienced tragic in the epic, transformative, Greek sense of the word. Tragedy is like a branding iron. Everyone who lives through it becomes a product of that tragedy. You realize you’re just a slab of meat. You might continue living your life in a fairly normal straight line, but that tragedy knows to whom you belong. You have its smoldering mark on your body.

I’ve never been disfigured by tragedy, but I have felt joy. Transformative joy. Whatever the opposite of 9/11 is, I have felt that. I have experienced the not-small miracle of being able to do what I love. I am healthy enough that I don’t think about how healthy I am. I get to live in the fun house mirror that is Los Angeles. LA is so silly, in the most benign sense of the word. Its streets are stupid and benign. Because I’m privileged and young and white, I am blessed enough to not know about the streets in LA that aren’t silly and stupid and benign.

Because of that, it’s easier for me to imagine one year ago today than it is for me to imagine ten years ago today. On September 11, 2001, I was in eighth grade and I very calmly thought to myself, “Well! I will not ever play varsity volleyball in high school, because the world is over.” On September 11, 2010, I took the first steps of what would become my pilgrimage to my dreams. For the past year, I have attempted to slowly close in on my dreams in concentric circles. For me, the world began on the same day that it ended, albeit nine years apart. (Spoiler alert: I never ended up playing varsity volleyball anyway, due to my doughy, Jewish physique.)

I can’t think of a better day to speak directly to my “demographic” – skinny 18-to-34-year-olds and spam bots. I am talking to YOU right now, Tweeters and Tumblrers and Bloggers and whatever the HECK else portmanteaus we can whip up while sitting in ironic coffee shops ironically listening to Spotify. We are coming of age in a culture not of un-enjoyment, but of anti-enjoyment. Passion is not just superfluous – passion is weakness. If you like things, you might like the wrong things, and then you’re WRONG with a capital “DOUBLE-U” with a capital “D”, and then you’re BAD and ugly and FAT and SUPER FAT. The Internet can’t figure out whether it wants to beatify things or damn them, so it just gets all sorts of contentious. Contention on the Internet is silly in the worst sense of the word. Personally, I hate confrontation. I like to think of myself as a sickly Victorian child, or a maybe a sickly geisha. Very demure and easily persuaded and sickly. If the Internet is a super highway, we all have road rage.

To participate in this chic backlash against passion is to have a small mind. In my humble, unimportant, normal-sized opinion, it is better to have a small BRAIN than a small MIND. If you have a small brain, you can still be a good, kind, hard-working, dumb person who can manage some sort of farm or daycare. If you have a small mind, however, you very well might hurt people with it. You are just getting a sliver of the delicious Bacon, Ham, & Cheese Lean Pocket that is being young in America.

Spending your youthful energy on combative, kinetic apathy is a waste. Stuff is AWESOME, GUYS. Something about everything is awesome. Because I live in LA, CA, USA and not other places in the world, I get to write things like “fuck fuck FUCK fuck fuck FUCK” on the Internet (the title of my next blog post). I can condemn Burkas while comfortably wearing a Snuggie (a gateway Burka). I can do an interpretative dance as Hitler for 322 people (suck it, Hitler). I can do whatever I want (sort of) and I can eat whatever I want (not carbs) and be the opposite of dead.

The people who, ten years ago today, flew those planes into the sides of two of the tallest buildings in America had minds that were even smaller than mine (and possibly yours, if you’re wearing a shirt from Threadless Tees). Their worldview was so closed to interpretation that they thought the only answer was a large-scale terrorist attack. I’m not saying Hipsters are Terrorists (though that is a very funny sentiment that I never thought I’d get the chance to write). I am saying that closing your mind to sincerity and praise and appreciation might be the first step in squandering the fucking awesome human condition you possess. Please do not close your mind to the not-small epiphany that epic joy exists.

Please, PLEASE feel free to completely disregard and disagree with and disJimBelushi (I made that word up, because I CAN, IN AMERICA) this essay. Why should you listen to me, when I’m forehead-deep in the disaffected goo that is my generation? I’m sitting in a hipster coffee shop in Hollywood, a living, breathing, self-important, self-hating cliché. My caveat is, I sort of wrote this for myself. I want to read this diary entry in one more year, or ten more years, or three-hundred-and-twenty-two more years, and see how wonderful and confusing it is to be happy and young in the face of slaughter.

If you are reading this, you are not dead. I myself happen to be very not dead. I’m giddy and sleepy and fighting the need to pee and listening to one of my favorite songs (“True” by Spandau Ballet) and physically not dead. I make enough money to waste it. I’m spoiled enough to be addicted to the culture of coffee. I wear rainbow sunglasses every day. I have a crush on 40% of the boys in my gchat bar. Jesus, this is awesome. I want to be not dead every day of my life.

I love LA and I love NY and I love America and I love being not dead. Happy anniversary(s). Here’s to one and ten more.




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It’s Fall Already, Again.

My music listening taste/mood always changes in the fall.

Civilian by Wye Oak  (Look at that guy playing drums and keyboards at the same time!)

Best Night by The War on Drugs (LOVE this song soooo much)



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Ok, so I’m addicted!  Here are my Pinterest Boards if you want to follow.  I was thinking you could also get really creative with your boards and add anything from books, to articles, and favorite places.  For now, I’m just going a little crazy with what’s on my very long wish list.  It’s pretty fun, and so far I have been pinning like crazy but I have been told the novelty wears off and I will start to settle down.

Find me if you join!


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Stephen Eichhorn

I would LOVE one of these!  I fell in love with Stephen Eichhorn’s work when I first moved to Chicago….tiny hand cut papers to make beautiful collages.

***These are tiny so click to see them bigger

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Routine…great or blah-depends on the day.

Well, things have certainly not been boring around here, with food poisoning last weekend and intensely reading the Hunger Games this week, but I had to post this print.  I stole it from my friend’s Tumblr and in the middle of my work day (when I was looking at blogs during a “break”) it just really struck me. You could think of it as negative and really depressing, but to me it’s just a reminder that most of us are in a routine all day long…it’s comfortable but can also be mind numbing at the same time.  A lot of the times it’s nice but if you want to be have that great, inspired “wow this is amazing!!!” feeling you might have to Wake Up, and change it up a bit sometimes so you can find yourself running into something really cool outside of your routine.  Does that make sense?  I don’t know what that really looks like, I’m just sayin’.

By Wasted Rita

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Call me crazy, but…

Today I got distracted by an email from Jetsetter for a sale on an Everest Skydiving Trip…

For my next trip I have been thinking of Europe, but my REAL dream DREAM trip is back to the himalayas-it just seems a little further off then my next trip.  It’s a “someday” dream trip, which just gives me lots of time (years and years probably) to get excited. I might have just said this week one thing I don’t ever want to try is skydiving, but I could always be an “observer” (it’s the only thing I could ever afford anyway.)

Just seeing these pictures got me SO excited.  I don’t know why but I am completely obsessed with this part of the world.


Look at these crazy people! Could I ever do this? I like to think about things that just seem over the top and out of reach and wonder if I ever could…I am not an adrenaline junkie.  BUT, there is something so intriguing about the reward of these giant mountains.  I don’t know, there is something exciting about thinking of something you think you could never, ever do, and really put it into reality in your mind and see how you feel.

I love this quote….

“Those Himalayas of the mind

Are not so easily possessed;

There’s more than precipice

and storm

Between you and your Everest”

C. Day Lewis


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