Routine…great or blah-depends on the day.

Well, things have certainly not been boring around here, with food poisoning last weekend and intensely reading the Hunger Games this week, but I had to post this print.  I stole it from my friend’s Tumblr and in the middle of my work day (when I was looking at blogs during a “break”) it just really struck me. You could think of it as negative and really depressing, but to me it’s just a reminder that most of us are in a routine all day long…it’s comfortable but can also be mind numbing at the same time.  A lot of the times it’s nice but if you want to be have that great, inspired “wow this is amazing!!!” feeling you might have to Wake Up, and change it up a bit sometimes so you can find yourself running into something really cool outside of your routine.  Does that make sense?  I don’t know what that really looks like, I’m just sayin’.

By Wasted Rita


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One response to “Routine…great or blah-depends on the day.

  1. allisongraw

    yay! i like that you have a positive way of seeing it.. it kinda bummed me out- but at the same time i’m for some reason attracted to things that kind of bum me out. 😉

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